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Serial Killer Ghost Movie is for .... Kids?!

Written by Tara the Mom    Thursday, 06 September 2012 07:34   

The supernatural thriller Break My Heart 1,000 times is full of the unexpected - and that's not including the actual plot. Based on the Young Adult novel of the same name (by Hollywood screenwriter Daniel Waters who wrote the teen dark comedy classic Heathers), it's about a post-apocolyptic era where ghosts roam the earth. While most of the spirits are harmless, a 16-year old girl believes she is being stalked by a serial killer ghost. Doesn't sound like a movie for tweens, but even more confounding is that this Disturbia/The Sixth Sense type screenplay is being adapted by Jason Fuchs, the former child actor who has only written two other movies: Ice Age: Continental Drift and the Nickelodeon TV movie "Rags." Break My Heart 1,000 Times will be helmed by Brian Klugman and Lee Sternthal, the writer-directors of Bradley Cooper-Zoe Saldana movie The Words. Gold Circle Films (Pitch Perfect) is making the movie.

Source: Heat Vision


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