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GET A JOB Employs Brandon T. Jackson & PROM's Nicholas Braun

Written by Tara the Mom    Wednesday, 07 March 2012 00:00   

Brandon T. Jackson, Anna KendrickBrandon T. Jackson, Anna KendrickThe comedy Get a Job is getting funnier, adding two more of KidsPickFlicks' favorite new comedic actors: Brandon T. Jackson (Big Mommas: Like Father Like Son; Percy Jackson & the Olympians) and Nicholas Braun (Prom, Sky High). The movie is about recent college grads having to adjust their expectations about post-collegiate life given the poor economy. Jackson will play a day trader at the stock market who learns he has to work from the ground up. Braun will play an out-of-it guy who takes a job as a middle school teacher to pay the bills but realizes the side gig of being the school's baseball coach is actually his true calling. The idea for the comedy sounds ripe with potential, however, as details emerge it seems Get a Job may also Get an R Rating.

Get a Job stars Miles Teller (Footloose), Anna Kendrick (Twilight) and Bryan Cranston (John Carter), "SNL" impressionist Jay Pharaoh and "McLovin'" Christopher Mintz-Plasse. Jesse Eisenberg, who worked with the director Dylan Kidd onĀ Rodger Dodger, may take a cameo-type role in the CBS Films comedy.

Source: Variety


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